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Over the years, Alabama Chanin has emerged as a multi-fold organization—which we refer to as the “Alabama Chanin Family of Businesses." They include: The School of Making, Building 14, and The Factory Store + Café.

Each of our divisions has individual specialties, yet all fall under the same mission established for Alabama Chanin. Our philosophies guide each arm and we all work together toward the same goal: creating beautiful products in sustainable ways that enrich our customers, community, and co-workers.

Our operations are housed in a sturdy, industrial-style, metal building which we call “The Factory.” It is a unique work environment, and our team members are creative, inspired, committed, dedicated, and enthusiastic about their role in the company—we truly love and believe in what we are doing here at The Factory and beyond.

If you think you would be a perfect fit for our growing team, then you’ve come to the right place.

Each of our team members is a ambassador for all things Alabama Chanin. Our company is rooted in the tenets of the Slow Design (and Slow Food) movement: good, clean, fair—which encourages designers, artists, chefs, and consumers to create and utilize thoughtful products in a socially and environmentally responsible way. We expect good, clean, and fair service from each of our team members. In a world that too easily settles for less, we believe that it is worthy work to envision, believe in, and fight for greatness. This is accomplished by providing the community, our customers, and fellow staff members with exceptional services.  

Natalie has lectured and led workshops for over a decade in private, public, and the business sector.

To inquire about pricing and her availability for special events, and seminars, please contact